Asbestos Encapsulation

Your Last Coat aka 
● Water/Weather Proofing, Roofing Restoration, In-Place Management, 
Asbestos, Lead–Based Paint and Solid PCB’s
● Green, Water-Based, Non-Toxic, Zero VOC's  
● 20 Year Sustainable, 
Renewable Coating
● Tough, Abuse, Rust, Mildew, Fire & Chemical-Resistant

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Lead Encapsulation

PrepLESS Primer
● Exceptional Surface
Conditioner & Primer
● Almost 10,000 lbs per sq. ft. of Adhesion 
● Unequaled 4,000% 
Elongation Factor 
● Super Compliant, Green Coating Primer-Sealer 
● Necessary Stabilizer for Building Surfaces that Can Only be Marginally Cleaned 
● Tenacious Adhesion to Reattach Pealing Paint & Lock Down Loose,
Friable & Non-Friable materials.

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MPE™ Multi-Purpose 

● Water-Based, Water Thin, Penetrating Encapsulant 
● Surface Conditioner, Primer, Sealer 
● Dilute-able, Non-Toxic & Easily Applied 
● Before Removal - 
Surfactant, Wetting Agent 
● After Removal - Lock Down 
● Preventing & Minimizing Exposure During Disaster Clean-Up 
● Control & Manage All Dust & Debris Before & During Clean-Up

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Weather Proofing

R.I.P.  is an environmentally sound, water-based Rust Inhibiting Primer to be used over ferrous metal surfaces. Employing the latest breakthroughs in water-based acrylic technology, it can even be applied over properly prepared rusted surfaces, with excellent resistance to flash rusting.

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Restoration and Preservation

PremeClean Industrial Cleaner is a highly effective, water-soluble, and versatile cleaner concentrate.

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