AsbestoSafe - Asbestos Encapsulation

Are you ready to embrace a popular and proven green solution that not only protects your health but also champions environmental sustainability?

Introducing GEI's (Global Encasement, Inc.'s) AsbestoSafe Healthy Encasement Coating– a green coating that has changed the game.

In a world where environmental consciousness & health are paramount, GEI has risen to the occasion with their worldwide proven product, AsbestoSafe Healthy Encasement Coating. This innovative solution combines the power of science & nature to combat one of the most insidious threats to health & the environment: asbestos exposure.

Asbestos, a once widely used material known for its insulating & fire-resistant properties, has been proven to pose significant health risks when its fibers become airborne. Removing asbestos is not only costly but also environmentally damaging due to waste disposal issues. Enter AsbestoSafe – a game-changer in the fight against asbestos exposure.

AsbestoSafe Healthy Encasement Coating stands out as a versatile, eco-friendly, & best-in-class solution. Here's 10 great reasons why it's the ultimate & popular choice for those who prioritize both health & the environment:

1. Eco-Friendly Champion:
- AsbestoSafe boasts industrial strength while remaining biodegradable & non-toxic, aligning with eco-conscious values.

2. Proven 30-Year Protection:
- Trusted by building owners, corporations, & governments worldwide for over three decades, sealing harmful asbestos effectively.

3. Stringent Testing and Compliance:
- Exceeded ASTM standards for Encapsulation Products for Asbestos in Buildings, backed by globally recognized laboratories.

4. Top-Tier ECO Classification:
- Earned Zero-VOC status, meeting strict Southern California Air Quality Management District standards. Also compliant of Green Seal GS- 11/GS-03 standards.

5. User-Friendly Application:
- Easily applied using brushes, rollers, or airless sprayers with self-priming features, ensuring safe use for all, including pregnant women, children & elderly.

6. Comprehensive Protection:
- Stops moisture penetration, resists impacts, fire, UV rays, mold, & more, providing a robust shield against various threats including on roofs where long term abuse is the greatest risk & the product needs to be the strongest.

7. Certified Toxicological Approval:
- Supported by certified toxicologists, AsbestoSafe guarantees safe application without posing risks to occupants.

8. Preventing Asbestos Exposure:
- Instantly halts the release of harmful asbestos fibers, mitigating short- & long-term exposure risks, promoting healthier environments.

9. Sustainability and Resource Conservation:
- Supports sustainability by minimizing waste, transportation, & resource depletion. In-place management reduces costly removal & replacement.

10. Compliance and Safety Assurance:
- Exceeds EPA, HUD, federal, & international standards, addressing Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) & Building-Related Illness (BRI).

AsbestoSafe Healthy, Green Coating Encasement offers a transformative approach to asbestos exposure, merging advanced science & nature's elements to fortify health & environmental protection.

Say goodbye to asbestos worries & join the movement towards a safer, greener future with AsbestoSafe by Global Encasement, Inc.

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