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A Premium Sustainable, Solar Reflective, Environmentally Advanced, Restoration & Roof Protection Coating for All Roofing.

Trusted & Revolutionary Natural Liquid Roofing System with a Proven History & Worldwide Track Record Spanning Over 30 Years.

RoofCoat is the Ultimate Environmentally-Friendly Roofing System that is a Natural, Zero-VOC, Non Toxic & Biodegradable Roofing that is Fully Adhered to the Surface it’s Protecting.

​Popular Choice of Experts & Enviromentalist

Don't Miss Out on the Growing Demand for RoofCoat, the Popular Choice with Architects, Engineers, Consultants, Contractors, Environmentalists, Safety Advocates, Contractors & DIY Enthusiasts!

​High Solar Reflective Roof Coatings

RoofCoat's High Solar Reflectance Utilizes Superior Cool Roof Coatings Technology for Outstanding Energy Efficiency. Experience Remarkable Energy Savings, Cost-Effectiveness, Sustainability & Exceptional UV protection.

​Saving Money & Energy

RoofCoat Advanced Cool Roof Efficiency is Engineered to Keep your Roof Exceptionally Cool by Reflecting More of the Sun's Rays. RoofCoat Lowers Roof Surface Temperature & Creates Interior Passive Cooling, Decreasing the Need for Air Conditioning, Reducing Energy Consumption - Ultimately Saving Money & Energy.

RoofCoat is the Practical, Environmental Solution.

Asbestos Roofing

ASBESTOS Roofing – Not to Worry RoofCoat Has You Covered. Many Roofs Contain and Release Harmful Asbestos Into Our Environment

RoofCoat Easy Application Instantly Stops the Release of Harmful & Sometimes Deadly, Toxic Asbestos, Preventing Immediate & Long-Term Dangerous Asbestos Exposure.

RoofCoat is Extensively Tested & Approved over Asbestos-Containing Roofing. Providing Assurance of High Performance, Safety & Peace of Mind

Asbestos is NOT THE ONLY Harmful & Hazardous Material that can be Released as Roofing Breaks Down.

RoofCoat Seals & Instantly Locks in ALL Offending, Solid Toxic Materials Keeping You & the Environment Safe.

​Extensive Testings & Approvals

RoofCoat Surpasses Industry Standards, Meeting & Exceeding All Known USA, International Building Codes, Environmental Regulations & Energy-Efficiency Guidelines Set by the US EPA, US DOE & ALL International Standards.

RoofCoat has Undergone Almost 50 Extensive & Rigorous Tests by Third-party, Independent Accredited Laboratories. It Meets & Surpasses ASTM Standards Including Class A fire Rating Ensuring Not to Support Combustion.

With this Wide Range of ASTM Independent Testing & Certifications, RoofCoat Guarantees Quality, Successful, Long-Term, Performance & Overall Peace of Mind. Solving Multiple Challenges at One Time.

​Roof Restoration

RoofCoat Provides Simple, Friendly, Easy Roof Restoration Options for Both DIY Enthusiasts & Contractors. Its Advanced Technology Offers Simplicity in Restoration, Being Easy to Apply with Basic Tools Such as Brushes, Rollers, or Sprayers. It is Water-Based, Non-Toxic & Cleans Up Easily with Water.

RoofCoat Sensible, Cost Effective Application is Also Non-Offensive, Non-Invasive, Causing No Building Downtime or Relocation Fees for People or Contents. Most Importantly Causing No Expensive Production Loss That is Often Associated with Costly, Disruptive Roof Removal & Replacement.

​Astonishing Waste Generation & Storage

By Choosing Popular RoofCoat Roof Restoration, you Avoid High-Cost & Messy Tear-Offs, Astonishing Waste Generation & Storage Fees. Also Contribute to Environmental Preservation Reducing Transportation & Disposal Associated with Harmful & Wasteful Traditional Roofing.

Severe Weather Events

Severe Weather Events, Like Storms & Hail, Cause Significant Roofing Damage & Have Resulted in $ Billions of Dollars in Damages From Even a Single Event.

RoofCoat Stands Strong Against Storms & Harsh Weather Offering Superior Storm & Damage Resistance, Designed to Withstand the Strongest Storm & Weather Events Making it a Reliable Choice Even in Harsh Weather Conditions.

Premium RoofCoat is Resistant to Impact, Abuse, Wind, Rain, Fire, Rot, Mold, Mildew, UV Rays, Hail, Sandstorms, Corrosion, Salt Sea Spray, Chemicals, Abrasion & Overall Breakdown.

Trust Your Roof with Premium RoofCoat & Upgrade Now for Lasting Excellence!

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