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Wind Resistance with Green Coatings Encasement

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It’s all about pressure and points of weakness in a building. Wind pressure increases when it encounters an object. If the object or surface is strong and secure with no gaps or openings for the wind to penetrate, there is little or no damage since there are no pierce points to affect.

Research has identified roofs as the number one area destroyed during high wind events. Research also proves that damage comes from openings in a surface that allows harmful wind to penetrate and cause destructive uplift. It then stands to reason that the best way to combat wind damage is to simply turn those susceptible surfaces into strong, seamless membranes.

It’s not just roofing surfaces that are at risk from strong winds. Wall surfaces that are compromised with holes and open seams are also prone to wind destruction. Compromised surfaces have gaps that enable harmful wind to force its way inside the building, wreaking havoc and often destroying it and its contents.

Industry experts such as engineers and architects have recommended the following based on studies they have conducted on wind resistant buildings.

These fairly new residential clay tile roofs were leaking and creating the potential for growth of mold/mildew. Fierce typhoon winds wreaked havoc, trying to uplift the tiles and cracking some of them.

Choose your roofs carefully as all roofing systems behave differently under high wind events. For instance, look at how clay tile roofing can be individually loosened and detached, becoming wind-borne debris. Once pieces are gone these open roofs now have lost their integrity and will leak as well as those detached tiles becoming potential projectiles that threaten other structures. These and all roofs can be easily secured with the right coatings sealing them down and removing any gaps or openings.

Roofs of course are the first line of defense of buildings. Once the roof is blown off, the rest of the building is at the mercy of the winds destructive high pressure.

The Green Coatings Encasement Solution

Green coatings meet all the needs of quickly turning susceptible roofs and other surfaces into strong monolithic, seamless membranes. For starters, they can be applied to both roofs and walls sealing in wind prone surfaces. This makes these surfaces strong enough to defend against strong wind pressures.

When applied, green coatings form a seamless, continuous membrane. This means that all the gaps in the surfaces are not just sealed, but sealed tightly. This has two effects:

There is no damage to surface from potential penetrating wind uplift. Building surfaces are secure; no longer wind prone and susceptible to damage during high wind events.
Buildings become weatherproofed. This means that wind and other weather elements such as rain does not make its way into the building damaging it and the contents.
There is no need to incur high costs to replace your building surfaces, especially roofs. The right green coatings once applied only need simple recoating after up to 20 years, technically never needing removal and replacement.
The right green coatings are acrylic with zero to low VOC's, non-toxic, biodegradable, water based and environmentally friendly protective coatings that are extremely suitable for surfaces such as roofs and walls.

Home and building owners using the right protective green coatings will find that they not only have wind resistant properties but weatherproof ones as well. The next time a strong destructive wind comes their way, their building may be that one left standing!

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