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Solving Tough Building Challenges in India with Simple Green Coating Encasement

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My project included one solution that would fix asbestos-containing roof leaks, defend against heavy weather, while dealing with extreme heat causing unnecessary energy usage and stopping the release of harmful asbestos. I had the practical solution that dealt with all of these in one Green Coating Encasement that was easy to apply and caused no downtime or production loss.

Most of India is regarded as climatically tropical. In the hottest month, temperatures average around 90 – 104F / 32 – 40C. With high temperatures through most of the year, it makes good practical sense to take whatever measures possible to save energy by cooling down building surfaces and bring relief to the people in those buildings.

Cooling buildings with solar reflective surfaces, while defensively protecting them from future weather damage, can be accomplished with simple Green Coatings Encasement. This straightforward solution also safely manages in-place potentially harmful asbestos, lead-based paint and other hazardous materials. It is environmentally sound and easy to install.

All the roofing in question had major challenges due to the water leaks and potential of asbestos release affecting interior operations that were causing production loss. The difficult task was to seal the asbestos-containing roofing to stop water damage while preventing harmful asbestos fiber release and not interrupting manufacturing.

The added bonuses of Green Coating Encasement were that all the surfaces encased were turned solar reflective - being able to throw back heat that was previously absorbed into the building causing more energy use for cooling. Time, Energy & Money savings with no generation of waste and no building downtime or production loss made the project a continuing success.

Find out more how one product can provide multiple solutions and benefits even when dealing with complicated building issues from hazardous materials by contacting us here: or call us 1-800-266-3982.


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