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Renewable: Green Coatings & Buildings Surfaces

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Secondly and more importantly, they turn the surfaces renewable. You will never need to remove, replace, and dispose of the surfaces they are covering and protecting.

Restoring and turning old worn out buildings and their surfaces renewable is also recycling at its best. When we save, renew and restore buildings and their components by recycling them, it cuts down on the generation, transportation and storage of unwanted waste. It also minimizes the use of natural resources needed to replace items that are unnecessarily removed and substituted for something new.

Do you know the one large building component that is often removed and replaced after its short life span? That’s right, roofing. Now imagine if you over-coated with green coating encasement instead. Imagine extending its service life indefinitely, not generating unwanted waste that needs to transported and stored. You’d be saving on dump fees, which are usually calculated by weight.

If you’re residing in the US, you’re most likely aware that International Green Building Codes, along with the California Building Code, now have minimal waste diversion requirements. Restoration helps comply with these, as waste generation into landfills is harmful to the environment and should be the last option. The IRS also classifies roof restoration as maintenance and can often be expensed in the accounting period in which it was incurred.

But wait, there is more! Roof restoration with green coating encasement takes what was good about the old roof, such as the R Value (Insulation), and combines it to give new properties of a renewablemonolithic, seamless membrane. This improved surface becomes more resistant to high wind and storm events.

Having read these benefits, don’t you agree that most building surfaces and the environment will benefit from being renewed and restored as opposed to removal and replacement?

To learn more about renewing your buildings and their surfaces with renewable green coatingsencasement contact Encasement Guy or GLOBAL Encasement, Inc.


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