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Our Award Winning, Proven Method to Preserve a Nyack Architectural Gem!

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In today’s blog I’m highlighting the benefits to you and community with the use of Global Encasement, Inc’s Award Winning Green Coatings Encasement, especially when it comes to historic properties.

In the heart of Nyack, New York, stands a historical treasure on the verge of both revival and ruin – The Nyack Center. This 1839 Greek Revival style former Presbyterian Church, now a multi-use community facility, faced a perilous challenge: ridding itself of hazardous lead-based paint without sacrificing its fragile historic charm.

The story of its transformation is not just a testament to architectural ingenuity but a triumph of preservation against the odds.

The Challenge:

Unveiling the Hidden Threats

Nyack officials grappled with a dual challenge when it came to restoring The Nyack Center.

Beyond the daunting task of lead-based paint abatement, the delicate historic architectural details posed a formidable hurdle.

The fear loomed that traditional removal methods like chemical stripping, excessive scraping or sandblasting could irreversibly harm the building's fragile features.

Also generating toxic solid hazardous waste that would need to be transported and stored causing the overall project cost to skyrocket.

Facility Challenge:

A Delicate Dance with Time

Built in 1839, The Nyack Center's proximity to the street added another layer of complexity.

The exterior surfaces, clad in badly delaminated lead-based paint, left the building vulnerable to weatherization and water damage.

A mere foot from the street, the structure presented a containment challenge during abatement, demanding a solution that not only removed the threat but enhanced its historical significance.

Benefits Desired:

A Vision of Preservation

The vision for The Nyack Center's restoration extended beyond mere abatement.

Officials sought a solution that aligned with modern environmental standards while offering a 20-year warranty, preservation of historic architectural details, non-toxic and VOC-free properties, and a reduction in hazardous waste generation.

The stakes were high, and the expectations even higher.


A Renaissance in Preservation

Enter Win Perry of Schofield Colgan Perry & Lawler Architects, armed with a commitment to excellence and a solution that surpassed expectations.

GEI (Global Encasement, Inc’s) award-winning products became the linchpin in the Nyack Center's exterior renovation.

The tailored GEI Global Encasement System of Green Coatings Encasement, featuring PrepLESS Primer, GEI Globe Caulk, and LeadLock TopCoat, not only abated the lead-based paint issue but surpassed all expectations.

Preservation Beyond Expectations:

The Global Encasement Advantage

The success lay in more than just containment. The system minimized surface preparation, sealed, waterproofed, and protected surfaces without trapping moisture.

It bridged cracks seamlessly, earned a Class A Fire Rating, and was effortlessly applied.

The Nyack Center not only regained its lost glory but emerged stronger, more resilient, and ready to face the future.

A Legacy Restored, a Future Secured

The Nyack Center's journey is more than a case history; it's a testament to the transformative power of innovative solutions and unwavering dedication to preservation.

Global Encasement, Inc not only met the challenge but exceeded expectations, leaving Nyack with a piece of living history—a beautifully preserved architectural gem standing proudly in the face of time.

Here are the highlights:

• 🏛️ The Nyack Center, a 1839 Greek Revival gem, faced lead-based paint hazards threatening its historic charm.

• 🚧 Officials grappled with the challenge of abatement without harming fragile architectural details.

• 🌿 Desired: Green solution, 20-year warranty, historic preservation, non-toxic, and reduced waste.

• ✨ Global Encasement's system, chosen by Win Perry, exceeded expectations with PrepLESS PrimerGEI Globe Caulk, and LeadLock TopCoat.

• 💪 Results: Minimal surface prep, waterproofing without trapping moisture, crack bridging, and a Class A Fire Rating.

• 🌟 The Nyack Center emerges stronger, preserved, and ready to face the future.

“Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.” ~ Fred Rogers

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