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National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week (NLPPW)

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I’m horrified as to how much lead-based paint is still manufactured and used throughout the world and happy to know and point to the fact that we here in the United States have an awareness and existing educational programs dealing with this important issue. These are sometimes followed as an example and model of how this issue can be intelligently handled all over the world.

As I travel internationally, I’m continually stunned that many industrial and advanced countries are still using large amounts of harmful and obsolete lead in their paints. Not only the lead additive is proven to be so harmful to our health especially for children, but it is also now a completely unnecessary component that is still being used in many paints and coatings. This is so unnerving and disappointing to me as someone who has studied about the harmful effects of lead on humans and the documented history of its destruction to families and the environment. I’ve been personally involved with those that have experienced how debilitating lead exposure can be and how preventable this is.

Any good qualities that were believed about lead in paints is continually overshadowed and further darkened by the devastating heath concerns. Those qualities have also been replaced and improved on with less offensive ingredients. All these makes the use of lead in paints unacceptable and needing of replacement.

Part of the purpose of Lead Poisoning Prevention week is to further discussions on lead exposureprevention and response, identify the sources of exposure and know what resources are available for help.

Below are some helpful sources of information on how to identify and deal with the hazards of toxic lead-based paint:

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