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Military Warehouse Roof Leaks - A Costly Nightmare Solved!

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Imagine storing valuable military goods in a warehouse with a severely leaking roof.

That was the reality facing the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) at the U.S. Marine Corps Air Station in Iwakuni, Japan.

Their massive 80,000 square foot warehouse roof had over 110 documented leaks damaging stored products.

The moisture intrusion was also causing harmful mold and mildew growth, further jeopardizing the warehoused inventory.

DeCA looked at replacing the failing roof, but ran into a costly predicament.

A complete roof tear-off and replacement would require relocating personnel, moving all stored goods, and unacceptable operational downtime.

Remarkably, the overall costs of roof replacement were so high that it made more economic sense to demolish the entire building and construct new rather than re-roof.

In this episode I highlight how DeCA discovered a revolutionary solution from Global Encasement, Inc. (GEI).

At that time, a GSA contract holder for over 18 years.

Rather than disruptive roof removal and replacement, GEI proposed restoring and encasing the existing roof with their green "Your Last Coat" roof coating system.

The benefits were incredibly compelling:

Environmentally-advanced, clean, and non-toxic application
• No building downtime or disruption of operations
• Energy saving, solar heat reflectivity and large cost savings
• Mold and mildew resistant for durable protection
• Waterproof, seamless, and weather-resistant seal
• Halts rust and corrosion to extend roof service life
• Sustainable and renewable with 20-year warranty

The restoration process began by removing loose rust and scaling through mechanical abrasion and surface cleaning.

Any remaining rust was spot-treated with a specialized GEI RIP (rust-inhibiting primer).

Smaller holes and openings were filled with GEI Globe Caulk.

Larger holes, gaps and widening seams we're covered and sealed with GEI seam tape.

After all holes were filled and gaps were sealed a robust 32 mil coating of "Your Last Coat" was applied to create a durable, waterproof membrane.

By choosing GEI's green roof restoration system, DeCA avoided incredibly disruptive and costly roof replacement.

Their warehouse remained operational with zero downtime.

The innovative, encasing roof coating provided an energy-efficient, sustainable solution while preventing any further moisture damage or mold issues.

GEI's restoration encasement "roof over" approach allowed DeCA to secure and protect their critical military inventory in a fast, clean, and affordable way.

As a GSA contract holder with award-winning, green coatings GEI installed the product with the help and labor from Yamato Corp an experienced and certified Japanese applicator of GEI's coatings.

GEI's cutting-edge roof restoration technology allowed this military warehouse to subdue a costly leaking roof nightmare.

With long-term 20 year warranties and proven results across federal installations, GEI is leading the way in sustainable roof restoration and asset management solutions.

To Sum IT Up:

Leaking roofs can be costly nightmares, especially for warehouses storing critical inventory.

That's what the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) faced with their 80,000 sq ft facility roof in Japan - over 110 leaks causing product damage and mold issues.

Rather than disruptive full roof removal and replacement, DeCA turned to Global Encasement Inc's innovative green "Your Last Coat" encasement system.

The benefits were game-changing:

Green with no environmental downsides, no operational downtime, energy-efficient heat reflective coating, mold/mildew resistant protection, waterproof, seamless roof membrane and a 20-year renewable warranty.

Through meticulous surface prep and 32 mil coating application by award-winning GEI, they restored DeCA's warehouse roof affordably with ZERO disruption.

GEI is leading sustainable roof asset management for federal, industrial and commercial clients throughout the world.

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