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Hurricanes, Typhoons, Nor'easter’s - Oh My!

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Buildings and homes are now more susceptible to damage from these powerful storms. The response is to require stronger weatherproofing and tougher building defense, which will protect against these increasingly violent climate events.

An extreme example of this was in a town where every home in the neighborhood was devastated except the one. It was built to withstand a super storm. Even though almost all homes to date have not been built to withstand the punishing effects of a mega storm, there are some steps that can be taken that can potentially limit the damage from that type of storm.

Of course, most typical existing buildings defense is not going to stop the devastating effects from a brutal onslaught of a hurricane, such as Hurricane Michael - a category 4 storm with destructive wind speeds of 155 miles per hour that tore through southeastern US. This is because typical existing structures have not been built or protected to withstand that type of brutal attack.

The one thing we can do to prepare for these stronger storms with high winds and flooding is to take certain steps, and even small measures, to defend susceptible surfaces. We take all kinds of steps to prepare our property as with removing and securing objects that may get scooped up and become flying projectiles. Another simple step that is to entirely water/weatherproof a building with a coating that is a seamless, continuous membrane that completely encases the outside. This means making sure that there are no gaps, holes or seams that wind, rain and flooding can get through.

This accomplishes two things. First, it fully waterproofs the surfaces it is applied on. Second, it turns wind susceptible surfaces into monolithic, seamless exteriors that are resistant to the passing ferocious onslaught of damaging wind gusts and destructive rains and flooding.

Managing water and destructive wind attacks on buildings is simply accomplished with coating the surfaces that will come under attack and completely sealing them with a fully tested and proven coating that is designed and manufactured for that purpose.

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