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How to Get Safety at Lincoln High School From Lead-Based Paint

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In the heart of Los Angeles, Lincoln High School faced a silent but hazardous challenge – the looming danger of delaminating and flaking lead-based paint over Robertson decking in the boys' and girls' gym.

As concerns mounted, hope emerged through an innovative solution that not only tackled the threat head-on but also embraced green, environmentally advanced principles.

The Challenge:

Imagine a school with peeling lead-based paint posing a potential risk to students and staff.

The urgency to abate this threat was real, and the responsibility fell on finding a solution that not only rectified the immediate problem but also aligned with environmentally conscious practices.

Enter the challenge: to eradicate the toxic Lead Based Paint issue without creating new environmental hazards.

The Global Solution:

Enter GEI (Global ENCASEMENT, Inc.), a name synonymous with cutting-edge solutions and eco-friendly innovations.

Their popular LeadLock™ System emerged as the hero in this tale, providing a comprehensive and effective approach to managing in-place the lead-based painted surfaces at Lincoln High.

Benefits Desired:

The school's checklist of benefits was clear – a green and environmentally advanced solution, a Class A fire rating, no hazardous waste generation before, during, or after application, low VOC’s, no odors, minimum surface preparation, and a long-term solution.

The task was not just to meet these expectations but to exceed them.


GEI's LeadLock™ System delivered on its promise.

The system design, featuring PrepLESS Primer™ to secure loose, flaking paint, and LeadLock™ TopCoat, not only met but surpassed all the school's desired benefits.

From being a potential hazard, the painted surfaces were now transformed into a safe, long term and environmentally conscious shelter for students and staff alike.


The transformation at Lincoln High School stands as a testament to the power of innovative solutions and GEI’s 30 year commitment to environmental responsibility.

In the face of a challenge that could have jeopardized the safety of many, GEI’s LeadLock™ System emerged as a signal of progress, turning toxic threats into a triumph of eco-friendly safety at the heart of Los Angeles.

Here are the highlights:

Revolutionizing Safety: Lincoln High School overcame the threat of lead-based paint with GLOBAL Encasement, Inc.'s groundbreaking LeadLock™ System.

Eco-Friendly Triumph: The solution not only tackled the toxic challenge but embraced green, environmentally advanced principles.

Comprehensive Solution: LeadLock™ System with PrepLESS Primer™ and LeadLock™ TopCoat exceeded all desired benefits.

Environmental Responsibility: No hazardous waste, low odor, and minimum surface preparation—aligning with eco-conscious practices.

Long-Term Safety: The transformation ensured a Class A fire rating and provided a long-lasting solution for Lincoln High School.

“When you concentrate much on the faults, you shall be at fault. When you always focus on the solutions, you shall always be a solution. Don’t just find faults; be a solution digger! You shall definitely meet some faults in your journey to digging for a solution, but mind your true purpose: solution! Don’t just find faults; be the solution to the problems you see!”

― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah


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