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Do You Know How Green Coatings Shielded Sierra Army Depot?

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In the expansive realm of military bases, fortifying infrastructure is paramount.

When the contracting officer overseeing roofing projects at Sierra Army Depot, Herlong, CA, sought a solution that could endure the trials they faced a formidable challenge.

Finding a liquid roof coating that not only met stringent GSA requirements but also resisted UV, moisture, salt, acids, oil, gasoline, and the relentless onslaught of rust and corrosion.

In the midst of this demanding landscape, GEI’S (Global ENCASEMENT, Inc.) Green Coatings RoofCoat emerged as the unsung hero.

GEI’s RoofCoat Solution is a symbol of reliability and sustainability, stood tall as the ultimate answer to Sierra Army Depot's needs.

Imagine a seamless application of GEI’s RoofCoat forming an impenetrable shield over the depot's roofs, sealing out the elements and thwarting potential decay.

But the benefits didn't stop there.

With its solar reflective properties, GEI’s RoofCoat promised significant energy savings, not just for the military but for the environment too.

Being green, an eco-friendly product with Zero VOC's (volatile organic compounds), Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, Water-Based and Class A fire Rated made it an outstanding choice.

Yet, perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Green Coatings' solution lay in its longevity.

With at least a 20-year, guaranteed life cycle, it didn't just offer protection; it delivered peace of mind.

​Managers of the depot's buildings could rest assured, knowing that when the time came, GEI’s RoofCoat would lessen the financial burden of roof restoration, offering a cost-effective alternative to removal and replacement.

But let's delve deeper into why Green Coatings emerged as the undisputed champion in Sierra Army Depot's roof problem.

• In an environment where precision and reliability are paramount, GEI’s RoofCoat delivered with unwavering consistency.

• Its resistance to a myriad of threats—from UV rays to corrosive substances—spoke volumes about its durability.

In a world where roofs bear the brunt of nature's fury, GEI’s RoofCoat stood firm, a dependable defender against the elements.

• Its versatility extended beyond mere protection.
By reflecting solar heat, GEI’s RoofCoat not only maintained comfortable temperatures within the depot's buildings but also contributed to significant energy savings—a testament to its eco-friendly design.

• Its cost-effective, long-term solution exemplified GEi’s Green Coatings' commitment to sustainability.
In a landscape where budgets are tight and resources finite, GEI’s Coatings offered a beacon of hope, demonstrating that safeguarding assets need not come at a prohibitive cost.

To Sum IT Up:

The case of Sierra Army Depot at Herlong, CA, serves as a compelling testament to the transformative power of innovation and ingenuity.

Through GEI’s RoofCoat, what began as a challenge evolved into an opportunity—to fortify, to protect, and to preserve.

As the depot stands resilient against the passage of time and the unpredictability of nature, one thing remains abundantly clear: when it comes to safeguarding America's fortresses, GEI’s Green Coatings reign supreme.

​The environment is where we all meet; where we all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share. - Admiral David Titley, a retired officer of the United States Navy, Oceanographer and Navigator

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