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For me, minimalism is not just learning to live with less. It’s about getting more from less. We come from the old school of “Taking, Making, Using, and Disposing.” That now has to change. We need to conserve our natural resources. We need to learn to take only what we need, make efficient and sustainable products, wisely use these products and restore and recycle. Disposing needs to take the back seat by opting for products that we can use longer and can recycle, instead of disposing in overflowing landfills.

As they say, less is more. When we aim for less generation of all waste - both typical and hazardous. It will mean more open land and clean air. Less use of land for garbage dumps can mean saving more land for productive and enjoyable uses.

When it comes to protecting and restoring buildings and its components, I believe less is more becomes even more essential. Why should we aim for less? Protecting the planet and people goes hand in hand with safeguarding the people in those buildings and their contents while defending and preserving those structures.

Using natural resources unnecessarily by replacing building components prematurely instead of restoring them has become a large topic in the green movement to protect the planet and saving raw materials. Extending the life cycle of buildings and their components prevents the removal at the end of their perceived service life and adverts the unnecessary generation of undesirable waste. Waste that is unpleasant and proven to cause objectionable CO2 emissions that contribute to greenhouse gases and global warming/climate change.

To achieve this, one needs to find products that have multiple uses and functions as a system or combination of products that work together to form a solution. GEI products are exactly that – one product that does it all from waterproofing, to encasement of Asbestos, Lead-Based Paint, PCBs, and most hazardous building materials. A system that one can easily apply.

So on your next project, remember these points:

- Use less raw materials and natural resources.
- Get a tried and tested system that needs less work to give you more free time.
- Apply a system that costs less in the long run so you have more money to work with and spend/invest        on other more meaningful endeavors if not just a little more financial freedom, and
- Choose a system that requires less energy to keep the insides of a building comfortable for its                  occupants so you or your clients can enjoy the cost-saving feature for a long time.

Saving time, energy and money for the things that can really make a difference in protecting the planet and the environment we live in is a timely consideration. To continue learning the benefits of doing more with less when it comes to your properties, check out


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