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Are Your Buildings Climate Ready for the Chaos Coming?

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As climate change brings more extreme weather, it's critical to weatherproof buildings and homes.

Proper weatherization can shelter properties from severe storms, high winds, torrential rains, heat waves, and more.

But it also saves money on energy bills while reducing environmental impact.

In this episode, I bring to light that the key is using the right long term, eco-friendly products like the green coatings from Global ENCASEMENT, Inc. (GEI).

At the core of weatherization is complete sealing against wind and rain penetration while also stopping drafts and insulating to control heat flow.

This allows HVAC systems to work less hard, slashing energy use.

GEI's advanced, long term, elastomeric coatings provide an extra layer of heavy-duty, yet environmentally-safe protection beyond basics like insulation.

Their coatings are water based, non-toxic, biodegradable, with zero VOC's (volatile organic compounds).

For roofs, GEI's "cool" roof coatings reflect sunlight to prevent interior heat buildup.

The highly-reflective white or infrared-resistant formulas also protect roofing from UV rays, significantly extending lifespan.

For exterior walls, GEI's wall coatings prevent water intrusion during windstorms and downpours.

Like their roof coatings, they expand and contract with temperatures to resist cracking, chipping and peeling.

The long-term high-performance formulas provide air and moisture barriers while still allowing surfaces to breathe.

To reduce maintenance and removal and replacement costs, consider GEI's green exterior restoration finish systems.

These continuous systems incorporate a durable, flexible exterior finish to increases energy efficiency while protecting against impact damage from hail, falling tree limbs, and windborne debris.

From top to bottom, weatherizing with GEI's eco-friendly coatings strengthens a building's resilience against climate extremes.

With GEI's green solutions and lasting weatherproofing technologies, properties stay protected while reducing energy costs and environmental impact.

Being truly climate ready means safeguarding with GEI's high-performance encasement coatings.

Information Points:

• Climate Chaos Coming? Protect with GEI Coatings!
• GEI's Eco-Friendly Weatherproofing Solutions
• "Cool" Roof Coatings Reflect Heat, Prevent Damage
• Elastomeric Wall Coatings Stop Water Intrusion
• Exterior Finish Systems Increase Efficiency
• Impact-Resistant Reduces Potential Damage
• Reduce Energy Costs & Environmental Impact
• High-Performance Encasement for Climate Readiness

To Sum IT Up:

As climate change intensifies, protecting buildings from extreme weather is crucial.

That's why the 20 year guaranteed, eco-friendly weatherproofing solutions from Global ENCASEMENT, Inc. (GEI) are so vital.

GEI's "cool" roof coatings reflect sunlight to prevent interior heat gain and UV damage.

Their elastomeric wall coatings expand and contract to seal out water while allowing surfaces to breathe.

For ultimate protection, GEI's exterior finish systems increase energy efficiency while guarding against wind and water intrusion and impacts that can come with severe weather.

From roof to walls, GEI has you covered top to bottom.

Their green coatings reduce energy costs and environmental impact.

When it comes to climate readiness, trust GEI's high-performance encasement solutions.

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