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7 Ways Hensel Phelps' are Transforming Green Practices

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In this blog I bring to light how in a world driven by progress, Hensel Phelps emerges as a pioneer in green sustainability, transforming construction into an eco-friendly powerhouse.

Since 1937, Hensel Phelps has upheld ethical, social, economic, and environmental responsibility, leaving an indelible mark on communities.

In a time where environmental consciousness is paramount, Hensel Phelps emerges as a beacon of change in the construction industry.

With a steadfast commitment to green practices and products, they are not just building structures; they are forging a sustainable future that protects both people and the environment.

1. Sustainability and Corporate Governance: A Legacy of Responsibility

From LEED certification to Net Zero energy, Hensel Phelps prioritizes sustainable practices.

With over 200 projects exemplifying their commitment, their expertise shapes decisions that benefit both the environment and your project budget.

2. Executive Commitment: Guiding Principles for a Greener Tomorrow

"Our responsibility is clear – balance economic interests with environmental concerns. Hensel Phelps strives to advance sustainability principles, working hand-in-hand with owners, communities, and professional organizations." says Mike Choutka, President & CEO.

3. Sustainability in Action: Reducing Carbon Footprint since 1990

Hensel Phelps embraces corporate responsibility, minimizing our carbon footprint since 1990.

Their recycling program and waste sorting areas showcase that commitment.

Over 300 LEED APs and LEED Green Associates ensure their projects are Platinum, Gold, and Silver certified.

4. Hybrid Vehicle Fleet: Leading the Charge for Green Transportation

Since 2006, Hensel Phelps drives change with a 40% hybrid passenger vehicle fleet.

Charging stations at locations demonstrate their dedication to a sustainable future.

5. Improving How They Plan. Build. Manage. Business: A Holistic Approach

Actively supporting the LEED Green Building movement, they integrate environmental initiatives into every aspect of their work.

They have a threefold commitment—supporting client goals, eliminating waste, and acting responsibly—guides their journey towards a sustainable future.

6. Supporting Client Goals: Sustainability Integrated into Every Project

Whether pursuing certification or not, sustainability is at the core of their projects.

Their Sustainable Services Personnel engage in design and planning, maximizing project value for their clients.

7. Training Initiatives: Empowering Eco-Warriors for Tomorrow

Committed to LEED Accreditation, Hensel Phelps' empower their employees through education.

In-depth knowledge ensures decisions balance sustainability, cost, and constructability on every jobsite.

Explore Hensel Phelps' green revolution – where responsibility meets innovation, transforming construction into a sustainable force for generations to come.

“Sustainable development is the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” – Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland

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