Surface Preparation Specifications

While the use of GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. products require minimal surface preparation, mold, mildew, calcimine (efflorescence), chalking and rust must be addressed prior to the application of the primers and/or topcoat.

Mold, mildew (fungi)
GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. manufactures products that can help get rid of mold and mildew.
PremeClean is a top quality industrial cleaner concentrate that can "knock down" the mold and mildew.
MOLDon't™ is a high quality topcoat with biostat to prevent mold and mildew from ever coming back.
Calcimine (efflorescence)
Generally this condition is caused by leakage over concrete surfaces causing hydrostatic pressure to force the salts (calcimine) out.
Treatment: Repair the leaks and use a wash of mineral scale remover to clean the surface prior to using our Primers and TopCoats.
Treatment: There are three methods to address chalking:
1.PremeClean Industrial Biodegradable Cleaner. Rinse thoroughly with water.
2.MPE Multi-Purpose Encapsulant . Wipe over affected surfaces.
3.PrepLESS Primer. Dilute product anywhere from 50 to 90% and wipe over surface.
The advantage of using either MPE Multi-Purpose Encapsulant or PrepLESS Primer is there is no waste generated and the product has already started to lock down the hazardous material.
Treatment: Remove all dirt, oil, grease, rust scale and contaminants. Follow with a coat of our R.I.P. Rust Inhibiting Primer. If heavy corrosion, apply two coats.