Equipment Recommendations

GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. materials are prescreened at the factory and can be applied with nylon bristle brushes, roller, or airless equipment. Roller nap size will depend on the substrate being encased; ½ inch nap to 1¼ inch is recommended. Airless piston-type spray equipment may also be used for application. Equipment selection will depend on the size and nature of the encasement project.

Recommended airless piston-type spray equipment should have at a minimum 3000-psi, 3:1 ratio and a ¾-gallon capacity.

A. Graco – information line is (800) 690-2894. 
B. Titan Tool Inc. – information line is (800) 526-5362.
C. Equipment Accessories:
                                     Hose: 3/8 inch (9.53 mm) inside diameter (minimum), 1/2 inch (minimum) on long runs.
                                     Guns: Graco Silver or Golden Hydra-mastic guns.
                                     Spray Tips: Use self cleaning reversible spray tip size 0.019 to 0.035 (.032 is most often used.)


Note: For alternative equipment recommendations consult the spray equipment manufacturer directly.