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Installation Guide Specifications

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Equipment Recommendations

Equipment recommendations for general application of Global Encasement, Inc. products.

Equipment Recommendations

Wet Mil Gauge Instructions

Wet Mil Gauge by Global Encasement, Inc.


GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. encapsulants must be applied at recommended mil thickness.  Use the wet mil gauge instructions to learn the proper way to measure wet mil thickness of the applied coating to verify that the recommended dry mil thickness will be achieved.

Formula to Convert Wet Mils to Dry Film Thickness (DFT):  WFT = Desired Dry Film Thickness Divided by % of Solids by Volume

Wet Mil Gauge Instructions



Surface Preparation Specifications

While the use of our products require minimal surface preparation, mold, mildew, calcimine (efflorescence), chalking and rust must be addressed prior to the application of the primers and/or topcoat.

Surface Preparation Specifications

Transite Roofing and Siding

Transite is a trade name for asbestos reinforced Portland cement sold as a pre-cast corrugated sheet. It was widely used in the United States during World War II, for both wall siding and sloped roofing applications, as a durable, fire resistant construction material. Normally not coated, it was allowed to weather naturally.

Application Guidelines for use over Transite (PDF)

"Or Equal" Specifications

 Your Last CoatRoofCoat, AsbestoSafe®, LeadLockPrepLESS Primer

"Or Equal" Specifications (PDF)