PremeClean - Biodegradable Cleaner

PremeClean Biodegradable Cleaner

1. Product Name

                   PremeClean™ - Biodegradable Cleaner

2. Manufacturer

GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. 
701 E. Santa Clara Street
Ventura, CA  93001 USA
PHONE:  (800) 266-3982  
FAX: (800) 520-3291 

3. Product Description

PremeClean Industrial Biodegradable Cleaner is a highly effective, water-soluble, and versatile cleaner concentrate. It quickly and easily cuts through grease, oil, and dirt and can be used in many areas that require intense cleaning and decontamination such as institutional kitchens, medical facilities, public areas, and on all types of interior and exterior building surfaces.
Despite its intensive cleaning power, PremeClean maintains its non-toxic, non-corrosive, and biodegradable properties. It is highly suited to help sanitize and disinfect institutions such as hospitals, schools, prisons, cafeterias, and more. This all-purpose cleaner can also be custom-diluted for various uses to suit the needs for business and medical offices, hotels, playground equipment, and many others.

4. Technical Data and Properties

Weight per gallon:
Physical form:
8.5 lbs
Light blue
PremeClean was tested in accordance with ASTM D4488, “Guide for Testing Cleaning Performance of Products Intended for Use on Resilient Flooring and Washable Walls”, Section A-5, Particulate and Oily Soil/ Vinyl Tile Test, and at a dilution of 1:10 with water exhibited a cleaning efficiency of 88% or 2¼ times better than untreated tap water.

5. Product Installation

  • PremeClean™ is ready to use. 
  • Follow manufacturer’s application guidelines.
  • Easy to use and clean up is with water.
150 to 200 sf/gallon (13.93 to 18.58 sqm)
Dilution Rates:
For Greasy/Oily Surfaces: 
Mix 1 part PremeClean™ with 8 parts water.
For General Cleaning: 
Mix 1 part PremeClean™ with 15 parts water.
For Glass, ceramic tile, windows, mirrors, stainless steel:
Mix 1 part PremeClean™ with 50 parts water.

Application Guidelines

Apply liberally to the surface at the rate of 150 to 200 square feet per gallon (13.93 to 18.58 sqm).  Allow the solution to stand for 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing with plain water.

Note:  Low areas and depressions in the substrate containing excessive dirt, grease or oils may require additional solution. 

Before cleaner solution dries, wash the surface with clean water.  Rinse or wipe thoroughly as required to remove all cleaning solution.

Allow the substrate to dry completely before the application of Global Encasement Inc. products.

Read and follow information on the material safety data sheet.


6. Availability and Cost

Product is packaged in 5-gallon pails and in 55-gallon drums.

Call GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. at  800-266-3982  for pricing and availability.

7. Warranty

GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. warrants that the product or products described herein will conform with its published specifications.  The products supplied by GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. and information related to them are intended for use by buyers having necessary industrial skill and knowledge.  

Buyers should undertake sufficient verification and testing to determine the suitability of GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. materials for their own particular purpose.  Since buyer’s conditions of use of product are beyond GLOBAL Encasement, Inc.’s control, GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. does not warrant any recommendations and information for the use of such products.  

GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. disclaims all other warranties including the implied warranty of merchantability and fitness for any particular purpose in connection with the use of its products.

Download and Print
PDS (Product Description Sheet), MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) and SDS (Safety Data Sheets)