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Weatherproofing & Disaster Protection

Abuse from powerful storms demand a strong weatherproofing & disaster protection response. Cost & energy saving Your Last Coat™ is the Green answer for best building protection.

Storms and other natural disasters can cause anywhere from slight damage to overall devastation and complete destruction.

Constantly there are unusual, destructive weather events throughout the world. These are becoming stronger and more frequent bringing with them record breaking winds and forceful downpours that cause catastrophic flooding and devastating building damage.

Buildings and homes are now increasingly susceptible to damage from these powerful storms. More than just weak paint is needed to defend property. The appropriate heightened response is to require stronger weatherproofing and tougher building resistance, which will help protect against these growing violent and destructive climate events.

Natural Disasters
Weatherproofing Disaster Protection Demo

As more and more forceful storms damage our property we need to take powerful and defensive action in whatever ways possible. Your first line of defense against destructive elements attacking your building is the coating that shields and protects that building. Make it best in class Your Last Coat™.

You’ll be glad you did feeling more secure than before and knowing that you included defensive, green products that contribute to an overall safeguarding strategy protecting your property and the environment.

When disasters strike ordinary, insufficient weak paints aren’t enough protection. You need an extraordinary, easy to use, safe and sustainable coating to help defend your property against the assault from sun, water, wind, corrosion, rot & fire. Get it all with Your Last Coat™.

Many interior building problems are caused by the unwanted infiltration of natural elements, contaminants and pests from our outside environment, as with water, dust, dirt, insects, rodents and heat.

The penetration from the outside to unwanted elements to the inside can be uncomfortable at best and cause disease and illness at worst. Most of these challenges can be simply stopped and prevented.

Protecting people on the inside of a building is best done by first protecting the outside of a building. That’s accomplished by sealing the exterior surface, making it watertight, resistant to extreme weather and attack from the suns damaging ultraviolet rays, therefore creating a better interior building environment.

Roofing is one of the largest areas of water penetration into a building causing the most property damage and building related illnesses (BRI). It is also the main building surface that takes the most abuse and needs the highest quality products defending it.

Whether you need to waterproof and protect your exterior building envelope or need to restore and renew surfaces, or need to manage-in-place solid hazardous building materials like asbestos and lead-base-paint, GEI’s (Global Encasement, Inc.’s) high quality, energy efficient, low VOC, non-toxic, water-based renewable/sustainable products can help.

GEI (Global Encasement Inc.’s) Green, environmentally friendly Topcoats, Your Last Coat™, AsbestoSafe®, RoofCoat™, LeadLock™ and are UV resistant, durable and flexible, able to bridge gaps, expanding and contracting with the surfaces they are protecting. They are zero VOCs, non-toxic, water based, safe, easy to use, can be custom tinted and are extremely weather resistant insuring a simple renewable/sustainable and long-term solution.

GEI topcoats are designed to hold up for at least 20 years. They are renewable and sustainable. This means when the 20-year service life is up you just reapply another coat which cross link bonds with itself and the service life is extended for another 20 years. This gives you a roofing system that never has to be torn off, eliminating the generation, transportation and storage of unwanted waste, and cutting back on CO 2 emissions that cause greenhouse gases known to contribute to Global Warming/Climate Change. Installing energy efficient, solar reflective coatings can lead to saving energy, which also contributes to Global Warming/Climate Change.

GEI’s high quality, non-toxic, water-based surface preparation products; GEI Globe Caulk, R.I.P.™ Rust-Inhibiting Primer, PremeClean™ Industrial Cleaner Concentrate, and its miracle Zero VOC surface stabilizer, PrepLESS Primer™, are all engineered to treat the toughest surface challenges (dirt, grease, grime, peeling, flaking, cracking, alligatoring, rust and corrosion).

ENERGY STAR QUALIFIED RoofCoat™ is a product that meets or exceeds solar reflectance standards, without compromising product quality and performance. When your existing roof has hit the end of its service life cycle is an excellent time to consider restoration and turning it solar reflective .
In standard 83% solar reflective bright white, RoofCoat™ reflects more of the sun’s rays, and can lower roof surface temperature, decreasing the amount of damaging heat transferred into a building, creating passive cooling while reducing the amount of air conditioning needed to keep a building comfortable, and in turn this single action can lower peak cooling. demand. RoofCoat™ and all exterior surfaces can help minimize the impact of Urban Heat Islands.

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