Application FAQ

01. Can we apply other paint over GEI coatings?

When applying any coating over GEI coatings, two things can happen. One, the other coating may not expand and contract with our coatings. Our coatings expand and contract as the surface moves, which may not be true for other coatings. Second, another coating may choke out the vapor transmission that happens with GEI coatings.

02. Are there any recommendations on optimum quantity, temperature, pump parts, etc., use of hot water to clean?

Please check your equipment manual/provider for recommended cleaning. You may also use PremeClean™ during the clean up.

03. When Your Last Coat™ is being used, what is the solution if it turns solid in the pump, hose or inside the container?

The coating does not dry in the pump, hose, or in the container unless it has been left open under the sun for a long period of time. Otherwise, there is no air getting to it because it is sealed, so it does not dry in these areas.

04. There is a comment that the “coating dries up so quickly” especially when the workers are taking their breaks. Is this true?

No. Our coatings do not dry faster than any normal paint. During breaks or any other times it is recommended to cover open pails with its cover or a damp cloth/rag to prevent it from drying up. In the case of sprayers, simply put the gun in a bucket of water to prevent the coating from drying at the tips.

05.After the work is done, up to what stage should we clean the pump and equipment? Do you take a part and clean?

At the end of every day during the application period, simply leave everything under pressure and put the spraying gun in a bucket of water. You can simply pull it out and start spraying again the next day. For proper clean up after the entire application is done, please refer to your equipment guide. Clean up is with water.