CH#279 Sri Sunderaraja Perumal Temple


Global Encasement, Inc. Your Last Coat


Sri Sunderaraja Perumal Temple
Klang, Selangor, Malaysia




Global Encasement Coating stops roof leaking challenges





Sri Sundararaja Perumal Temple, better known as Klang Perumal Temple, is a 117-year-old temple located: Klang, Selangor in Malaysia. One of the oldest, and the largest of the Vaishnavite temples in Malaysia, it is often referred to as the "Thirupathi of South East Asia" after its famous namesake in India.

The temple is located in the royal town of Klang, and is next to the popular Little India in Klang.

The Challenge:

This historical temple in Selangor, Malaysia had an issue with a concrete roof leaking. In two separate areas they had previously placed ceramic tiles to stop the leaks and still the  leaking issue was not resolved. Then the curators heard about the capabilities of Global Encasement, Inc. coatings and were convinced they found the right solution to their roof leaking challenges.


Sri Sunderaraja  Perumal Temple Leaking Concrete Roof  Leaking Concrete Roof Waterproofed with Global Encasement, Inc. Coating

                                                     Before                                                                                                                         After


Benefits Desired:

  • Green-Environmentally Advanced

  • Energy Star®  & Solar Heat Reflective/Money Saving

  • Tight Seal, Waterproof, Durable 

  • Wind and Weather Resistant

  • Mildew & Mold Resistant


  • Low Cost Installation

  • Clean, Safe and Non-Toxic 

  • Sustainable, Long lasting, Renewable

  • 20-Year Warranty

  • Non envasive - no disruption or building downtime










GLOBAL Encasement's Your Last Coat was the perfect solution to meet all the client’s needs. The roof was cleared of all debris and work was quickly completed. GEI’s Your Last Coat was applied at 32 mils DFT to create a long-lasting, renewable, durable and seamless membrane to prevent leaking, potential decay - adding weather/waterproofing along with energy/money saving solar reflectivity. Since the application there has been several heavy rains and no leaks. The curators were pleasantly surprised and favorably impressed with GEI’s coating solutions.




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