CH#272 - Nashik Commercial Property Roofing


 Transite Roof  Transite Roofing
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The Challenge:

This large commercial transite roof in Nashik, India contained asbestos and was leaking badly. A simple, safe, cost effective solution was needed to quickly stop exposure from harmful asbestos fiber and prevent continued water leakage.




Benefits Desired:

  • Green and Super Compliant Zero VOC Coatings

  • Seal Asbestos Containing Materials – Roof & Ceiling Panels

  • No Downtime or Loss of Production

  • No Generation, Transportation or Storage of Hazardous Waste

  • Waterproof the Roof and Prevent Future Leaks

  • Create Solar Reflective Roof for Huge Energy Savings

  • UL Listed Waterproofing, Durable & Breathable

  • Sustainable & Renewable Solution

  • Twenty Year Warranty















GLOBAL Encasement, Inc.’s Green Class A Fire-Rated system design using MPE Multi-Purpose Encapsulant and Your Last Coat met and exceeded all of the clients' requirements. The Asbestos fibers were first locked down with the MPE Multi-Purpose Encapsulant, followed with solar-reflective, bright white Your Last Coat. This long-lasting system effectively helps eliminate the risk of future asbestos fiber release and protects the Transite building from destructive UV rays. This system also waterproofs the roof and creates a solar reflective surface that can keep the building cooler; reducing the amount of air conditioning needed, saving both energy use and money.