CH#185 - Non-Toxic Zero VOC Coating

Non-Toxic Zero VOC Coating


Non-Toxic Zero VOC Coating

Kadena Air Base
Okinawa, Japan




The Challenge:

When Tested these Homes were Found to Have High Levels of Radon Gas Coming Up Through the Concrete Slab Flooring. Housing Feared that these Homes were Now Unlivable. Global Encasement, Inc. was presented as a part of the overall solution.


Before                                                                                 After


  • Class A Fire Rating
  • Lower Radon Gas Levels and Improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Non-Toxic, Low VOC’s
  • Cost Effective
  • Long Term Solution



A Durable Your Last Coat Encasement System was Chosen to Improve Indoor Air Quality in these Homes. First, Exhaust Fans Were Installed in the Crawl Spaces to vent out the radon gas. Then the Old Carpet was Removed and the Concrete Slabs were Coated with Your Last Coat Before New Carpet was Installed. After this Procedure was Completed the Homes were Retested and Found to Be Radon Safe.


Approved Applicator: Contractor: Yamato Corporation