CH#150 - Environmental Protection Agency, Primary Containment

No Hazardous Materials Escaping


No Hazardous Materials Escaping

Environmental Protection Agency, Primary Containment
Hoboken, NJ USA


The Challenge:

An old 5 story brick/hardwood floor manufacturing plant was used to make electrical components for many years. The building sat idle for quite some time and then, was converted into luxury condominiums. While in the process of making some major alterations, a contractor for one of the occupants checked for and found an alarming amount of Mercury in the hardwood flooring. The EPA performed additional tests throughout the building and it was found to be unsafe. All occupants were forced to leave the premises and were not permitted to return. The building was subsequently condemned by the EPA. The challenge was to demolish the building without hurting the environment. Of course, GLOBAL Encasement once again saved the day with both Primary and Secondary Containment.


Benefits Desired:

  • Cost effective
  • Prevent Mercury from Escaping During Demolition
  • Durable Barrier



GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. Devised Two Systems that Allowed for the Entire Demolition to be Completed with No Hazardous Materials (Mercury) Escaping. Both of these Systems Resolved All of the EPA's Concerns.

Primary Containment Procedures were as Follows: GE-T-272 Polyester Reinforcement Fabric Installed Along the Floor/Wall Joints to Bridge Gaps; and Your Last Coat Liquid Roofing System Top Coat Sprayed onto the Exposed Flooring and Up the Wall Approximately One Foot High. This System Formed a Waterproof Membrane that Also Encased and Managed the Hazardous Building Material (Mercury) In Place.The GLOBAL Encasement System Formed Protection Much Like a Shower Pan Holds Water. The Building was then Taken Down from the Roof to the Ground Level, with the Mercury Contained and Finally Removed while Still Inside the Wood Flooring.

Painting Contractor: ASE Construction, Garfield, New Jersey
Demolition: Sabre Demolition Corp., Avon, Indiana