CH#274 - Commercial Building Roof



Commercial Building Roof
Manhattan, New York City
The Challenge: 
A commercial building in New York City was struggling with their roof as it was holding water and leaking on to a major tenant in the building. They needed an immediate fix that would not disturb the building tenants or require any of the building inhabitants to be relocated. The contractor was then asked to provide an effective, long-lasting solution.
Benefits Desired:
  • GREEN, Environmentally Advanced
  • Tight Seal, Waterproof, Protect & Renew Old Worn Surface
  • Non-Invasive with no Downtime and Relocation Fees
  • Wind and Weather Resistant
  • Energy Star® Compliant - Solar/Heat Reflective
  • Sustainable, Long Lasting Renewable System
  • 20 Year Warranty 
GLOBAL Encasement, Inc.’s Energy Star Compliant RoofCoat system was designed to waterproof and protect the roof and the building's occupants. The soft spots were cut out, the standing water was vacuumed up and the roof was allowed to dry overnight. The following day, GEI Seam Tape was used to bridge all the cuts and cracks across the roof. The entire roof was then coated with 32 mils DFT of RoofCoat to create a long-lasting, renewable, durable and seamless membrane to prevent leaking, potential decay, and add weather/waterproofing. The RoofCoat System is a solar- and heat-reflective bright white, offering immediate and huge energy savings.





Environmental Attributes