CH#259 - South Florida Roof



South Florida Roof





The Challenge:

This roof was at the end of its service life cycle, showing signs of wear and tear and the skylights were leaking. The roof was absorbing the hot Southern Florida sunshine and heat causing excessive energy use to cool the building. The building owner needed to reduce his energy bills and find a way to extend the life of the roof without tearing it off. Also the building tenants could not be disturbed or relocated and he needed a solution that wouldn't disrupt their business.



Benefits Desired:

  • Green-Environmentally Advanced
  • Seal, Waterproof, Protect & Renew old worn surface
  • No Building Down Time or Disruption of Services
  • Solar Reflective & Energy/Money Saving
  • No Tear Off or Generation of Waste
  • Low Cost Installation
  • Class A Fire Rated
  • Sustainable, Long lasting, Renewable






GLOBAL Encasement's RoofCoat was the perfect solution to meet all the owner's needs. The RoofCoat encasement system was quick, clean and easy to apply without interfering with the daily activities of the tenants and their business. The building occupants immediately reported a drop in the temperature of the building and knew how this would equal big energy savings.






Environmental Attributes