CH#233 - Dynamic Teen Company



Dynamic Teen Company
Cavite City, Philippines







The Challenge:

The Dynamic Teen Company, co-founded by 2009 CNN Hero of the Year Efren Peñaflorida, Jr. (a.k.a. Push-Cart Educator), put funds together to build a push-cart shaped school building in Cavite City. The newly built structure is close to the sea, making it vulnerable to salt sea spray and typhoon winds along with other elements that erode building surfaces. GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. RoofCoat was used to protect the roof while turning it solar reflective.



  • GREEN, Environmentally Advanced
  • Wind and Weather Resistant
  • Energy Star® Solar/Heat Reflective
  • Huge Energy Savings
  • Long Lasting Renewable System
  • 20-Year Warranty         





GLOBAL Encasement’s RoofCoat was applied to the roof, sealing out the elements and preventing potential decay. RoofCoat also provides a solar reflective roof surface capable of saving a tremendous amount of energy and cooling costs. Its 20-year life cycle will benefit the owners of the building by substantially lessening the cost to renew their roof coating.





Environmental Attributes