CH#232 - GI Metal Roof



GI Metal Roof
Las Piñas City, Philippines






The Challenge:

Millions of old GI (Galvanized Iron) metal roofs are in use all over the world and each one is facing the same problem of potentially leaking at the seams. This residential roof like thousands of others was leaking badly to the point that every time it rained, buckets and rags were used to catch the water coming in and to sop up the water running down the walls. This was a labor intensive process and created an unsafe living condition due to the mold and mildew and the musty smell. The occupants were told the only way to fix the problem was to tear off and replace the old GI (Galvanized Iron) metal roof.





  • Green, Environmentally Friendly
  • Cost Effective
  • Long Term, 20 Year Renewable Result
  • No Generation, Transportation & Storage of Unwanted Waste
  • Waterproof, Severe Storm Resistance
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Ease of Application


  •     No Building Down Time
  •     Simple Installation & Immediate Results
  •     EPA Energy Star Rated
  •     Solar Reflective, Energy/Money Savings
  •     Durable, Impact, Abuse Resistant
  •     No Surface Preparation




A quick, simple fix was implemented by first sweeping clean the roof and laying down the GEI Seam Tape immediately after which the RoofCoat was applied to the desired 32 mils DFT (Dry Film Thickness). The RoofCoat dried to touch within a couple of hours. That night a torrential, hammering rain storm with heavy winds hit the roof. After years of having to deal with the infiltration of water during rain the residents were pleasantly surprised and favorably impressed that there were no longer any leaks. The improved roof was now providing a clean, safe living environment. It was also made solar reflective saving energy and money while contributing to the overall comfort to the occupants.