CH#227 - Novellus Systems, Inc.



Novellus Systems, Inc.
San Jose, California







The challenge:

Novellus Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of advanced semiconductor equipment for matched to meet the increasingly complex and demanding needs of the world's largest chipmakers. The roofing on its San Jose, California headquarters needed reinforcing to provide better protection from weatherization.




  •     GREEN, Environmentally Advanced
  •     Mildew & Mold Resistant
  •     Wind and Weather Resistant
  •     Energy Star® Solar/Heat Reflective
  •     Huge Energy Savings
  •     Tight Seal
  •     Long Lasting Renewable System
  •     No Load Bearing Issues
  •     20-Year Warranty







The GLOBAL Encasement custom system included Globe Caulk, MPE Multi-Purpose Encapsulant™, GEI Polyester Scrim and Energy Star® RoofCoat to create a long lasting, renewable, durable and seamless membrane to prevent leaking, and add weather waterproofing. The RoofCoat System was selected to be solar/heat reflective white, offering tremendous and immediate energy savings.






Environmental Attributes