CH#283 - UC Davis - Roofing at Granite Canyon



UC Davis - Roofing at Granite Canyon
Monterey, California



rusted metal roof  metal roof after application of R.I.P.™ Rust Inhibiting Primer

                                                                        Before                                                                After Applying R.I.P.™ Rust Inhibiting Primer


The Challenged: 

The UC Davis Marine Pollution Studies Laboratory that sits on the Pacific Ocean conducts laboratory experiments, toxicology research in watersheds, estuaries, and coastal waters. These laboratory and office buildings are being prepared for the upcoming El Niño phenomenon as observed by NOAA. As they have past positive experience using Global Encasement, Inc. coatings (18 years ago) they again looked to GEI’s sustainable and advanced coating products to protect their buildings from harsh weather conditions - global climate impact.


Benefits Desired:

  • GREEN and Environmentally Advanced Solution

  • Energy Star® Compliant - Solar/Heat Reflective

  • Tight Seal, Waterproof, Protect & Renew Old Worn Surface

  • Flexible, Impact and Abuse Resistant


  • Sustainable, Long Lasting, Renewable System

  • Wind and Weather Resistant

  • Environmentally sound

  • Cost Effective

  • 20 Year Warranty








metal roof after application of Your Last Coat™  Marine Pollution Studies Laboratory

                               After Applying Your Last Coat



GLOBAL Encasement, Inc.’s award-winning coating systems were once again chosen for their durability, resistance to wind, salt sea spray, and damaging UV rays. The metal roof was first coated with R.I.P.™ Rust Inhibiting Primer and then top coated with long lasting Your Last Coat to halt all the rust and corrosion while making the roof weather/waterproof, UV and storm resistant.