CH#206 - Thompson Dam



Thompson Dam
Thompson Falls, MT




Rust and Corrosion was treated with the salmon colored R.I.P.™ Rust Inhibiting Primer as seen on right and left sides of flood gate pictured above.

The finished system with Your Last Coat™, custom tinted a blue gray color, is visible on the upper portion just below the scaffolding.


The Challenge:

Located on the Clark Fork River, Thompson Falls Dam, was completed in 1915 and is 913 feet long and 32 feet high. One megawatt can satisfy the average energy needs of 750 households.
It is presently operated by PPL Montana, whose main priority is to insure uninterrupted generation of power. Maintenance of the facility and mechanisms is of highest importance.

The flood gates were rusting and needed a durable coatings system to protect the structural steel from further corrosion. The coatings had to be flexible enough to withstand extreme Montana winter freeze/thaw cycles.


Benefits Desired:

  •     Quick Dry Time
  •     Minimum Downtime
  •     Minimum Surface Preparation
  •     Address Rust and Corrosion
  •     Non-Toxic
  •     Low V.O.C.’s
  •     Cost Effective
  •     Long-Lasting Solution



Minimal wet scraping was needed to expose the rust and corrosion before R.I.P.™ Rust Inhibiting Primer was applied sealing in and stopping further corrosion of the surface. Your Last Coatwas then applied completing this 20 year warranted system. Your Last Coat was custom tinted to meet the client’s needs.