CH#281 Commercial Building Spray-On Fireproofing



Commercial Building  Spray-On Fireproofing
Burlingame, CA




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The Challenge: 

The asbestos-containing spray-on fireproofing covering the structural steel beams and corrugated deck of this office building needed to undergo maintenance. The fireproofing needed to be protected from deterioration and prevent dangerous asbestos fiber release. A simple, safe, cost effective Global Encasement, Inc. coating system was chosen for the job.  




Benefits Desired:

  • Green and Super Compliant Zero VOC Coatings

  • Tight Seal Over Asbestos Fireproofing

  • No Generation, Transportation or Storage of Hazardous Waste

  • Class A Fire Rated

  • Sustainable & Renewable Solution

  • Easy to Apply

  • Twenty Year Warranty





GLOBAL Encasement Inc.’s simple, easy to apply and durable system was designed with PrepLESS Primer and Your Last Coat . The PrepLESS Primer penetrated and sealed the asbestos containing material while locking down loose fibers. This was followed by a top coat application of Your Last Coat. This installation procedure provided a long lasting, durable, highly impact, and seismic resistant system leaving the asbestos to protect the building while at the same time being safely sealed protecting the building occupants.