CH#277 - Ductwork Repair - GSK Nashik, India



Ductwork Repair
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing - Nashik, India
Exposed Friable Asbestos Insulation                        After Applying PrepLESS Primer
GEI Fabric Seals all Exposed Insulation                               Fully Encased Surfaces            
A major international pharmaceutical company with badly deteriorating insulation on some of the exhaust ductwork in their factories needed a quick, easy and cost effective solution to seal in the exposed fiber to help prevent further insulation break down.
                Why Replace? - Just Encase!
Benefits Desired:
  • Green and Super Compliant Zero VOC Coatings 

  • Seal in Flaking and Deteriorating Insulation

  • Minimum Surface Preparation

  • No Disruption of Services

  • Non-Toxic, Water-based       

  • Cost Effective

  • Long-Term Sustainable Solution

  • 20-Year Warranty




A GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. Your Last Coat system was designed with PrepLESS Primer to instantly seal in the failing insulation. Next GEI Fabric was embedded in the second coat of PrepLESS Primer to completely cover the flaking exposed insulation. Your Last Coat , as the final coat was applied to create a seamless monolithic membrane. The system was installed without any disruption to operations saving the company from potential production loss.


Environmental Attributes