CH#159 - The Koar Building



The Koar Building
Los Angeles, CA





The challenge:

Abate Lead-Based Paint with Minimal Surface Disturbance of this Prestigious Building And Waterproof the Surface at the Same Time.




Benefits desired:

  • Class A Fire Rating
  • Little to No Surface Preparation
  • No Hazardous Waste Generation
  • Waterproof, Durable, Breathable
  • Available in Custom Colors
  • U.L. Listed Waterproofing
  • Cost Effective
  • Long Term Solution




A GLOBAL Encasement System was Designed Using 100% Acrylic Caulk to Bridge Cracks and PrepLESS Primer to Seal the Surfaces with Minimum Disturbance to the Lead-Based Paint.  Your Last Coat was Used to Manage the Lead-Based Paint In Place.  This is a U.L. Listed Waterproofing System that Provides a Water Tight Seal to Stop Water Leakage.  
All Benefits were Met or Exceeded.





Environmental Attributes