CH#141 - U.S. Navy Destroyer, USS Mason, DDG #87

Durable Coating Encasement


Durable Coating Encasement

U.S. Navy Destroyer, USS Mason, DDG #87


History: The USS Mason (DDG 87) is Bath Iron Works’ 21st Arleigh Burke-Class Destroyer and
the Last to Launch from Traditional Inclined Ways in the Company’s 117-Year History.


The Challenge:

Bath Iron Works was Looking for a Coating to Protect the Lagging Wrapped Around the Uptakes Inside the Super Structure of this Navy Destroyer. The Coating Had to Be Able to Move with the Substrate without Cracking, Allow Moisture Build Up to Escape from the Substrate and Finally, Waterproof the Uptakes to Protect the Substrate from the Salt Sea Air and Elements.


Benefits Desired:

  • Cost effective/ money saving
  • Highly impact and abuse resistant
  • Seal, waterproof and protect the surfaces without trapping moisture
  • Breathable- allows for moisture vapor transmission
  • Long lasting solution
  • Class A Fire Rated
  • Mildew Resistant



A Class A Fire Rated GLOBAL Encasement System was Installed on the Uptake Lagging Stacks in this Brand New U.S. Navy Vessel, built at Bath Iron Works in Maine. This Secure, Highly Impact-Resistant, Durable, Long Lasting Coating System Included PrepLESS Primer with 4,000 Percent Elongation, GEI Seam Tape, Waterproof Your Last Coat that is Engineered to Allow for Water Vapor Transmission, and Clear Coat. GLOBAL Encasement's PremeClean was Used as a Preparatory Surface Cleanser and to Perform the Clean Up of Equipment at the Job Site.