CH#212 - Leaking Clay Tile Roof

Leaking Clay Tile Roof


Leaking Clay Tile Roof

Stearley Heights
Okinawa, Japan


    Clay Tile Roof          Solar Reflective Clay Tile Roof   
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The Challenge:

These fairly new residential clay tile roofs were leaking and creating the potential for growth of mold/mildew. Fierce typhoon winds wreaked havoc, trying to uplift the tiles and cracking some of them.



                          Step 1                                                     Step 2                                                   Step 3

The roof was cleaned and larger gaps were filled with styrofoam in preparation for the GEI RoofCoat waterproofing system. Bridging and filling all gaps and seams with Globe Caulk was an important step in the RoofCoat waterproofing system.  This will prevent driving wind and rain from penetrating the seams and uplifting the tiles.     PrepLESS Primer with its tremendous adhesion of 10,000 pounds per square foot and an unrivalled elongation of 4,000%, sealed and prepared all surfaces to receive RoofCoat.


                         Step 4                                                                     Step 5

After application of Globe Caulk & PrepLESS Primer the first coat of RoofCoat is applied and measured using a wet mil gage to ensure the proper application thickness.   The RoofCoat system creates a long lasting, renewable/sustainable, seamless membrane that is solar reflective, with tremendous energy savings.  Weather-waterproofing and adding important typhoon resistance.



  • Class A Fire Rated
  • Clean, Safe and Non-Toxic
  • Mildew & Mold Resistant
  • Wind and Typhoon Resistant
  • Solar/Heat Reflective
  • Tight Seal
  • Huge Energy Savings
  • Long Lasting Renewable System
  • No Tear Offs
  • 20-Year Warranty
  • No generation, transportation or storage of unwanted waste



The GLOBAL Encasement custom system included Globe Caulk, PrepLESS Primer and Energy Star® RoofCoat to create a long lasting, renewable/sustainable, durable and seamless membrane to eliminate leaking, and add weather-waterproofing and typhoon resistance. The RoofCoat System easily allowed for changing the roof color from a heat absorbing dark red to a solar/heat reflective white, offering tremendous and immediate energy savings.