CH#010 - Corrugated Metal Building



Corrugated Metal Building
Santa Barbara, CA







The Challenge:

The need for a waterproof, cost effective solution to an aging metal building that was leaking badly from holes and cracks that had formed due to expansion, contraction and earthquakes.



Benefits Desired:

  • GREEN and Environmentally Advanced Solution
  • Class A Fire Rated
  • Durable, Flexible, Impact and Abuse Resistant 
  • UL Listed and Energy Star Rated
  • Tight Seal, Waterproof, Protect & Renew Old Worn Surface
  • Cost Effective Long Term Solution
  • Time Tested and Proven Over 20 Years
  • Ability to Expand and Contract with the Corrugated Metal Surface
  • Easy to Apply




A Class A Fire Rated, durable, highly flexible, impact and abuse resistant, long lasting RoofCoat Encasement System was chosen. The cracks and holes were addressed by using a combination of PrepLESS Primer and scrim reinforcement. The combination was TopCoated with RoofCoat, left bright white. The solar reflective properties increased the building’s energy efficiency..and when it rains, the building’s occupants no longer need umbrellas inside.