CH#275 - Methane Chamber-Tank Room



           Methane Chamber-Tank Room
                                              GSK India




Before                                                                                                      After



The Challenge:

The methane tank room required repainting every 4 to 6 months because steam release produced a corrosive environment that caused rust on equipment and paint to crack and peel on all the surfaces. This resulted in non-compliance with the strict regulations of pharmaceutical manufacturing.  A long-term solution was needed to help prevent metal corrosion and constantly cracking, failing paint and bring the surfaces back into compliance.




Benefits Desired:

  • Green, Environmentally Advanced Coatings

  • Halt Rust & Help Prevent Future Corrosion

  • Long-lasting, Durable & Impact Resistant Waterproofing

  • Little to No Surface Preparation – No Waste Generation

  • Cost Effective - No Building Downtime or Production Loss

  • Sustainable, Long Term & Renewable Solution







                        Before R.I.P.™

                          After R.I.P.™


A durable, highly impact and abuse resistant, long lasting GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. System was chosen. The surface rust was addressed by a spot prime application of R.I.P.™ Rust Inhibiting Primer. All metal surfaces were then top coated with Your Last Coat. The walls were waterproofed with a PrepLESS Primer/Your Last Coat encasement system. This created a durable, seamless monolithic membrane to protect all surfaces against moisture, corrosion and abuse.