CH#197 - Refinery Electrical Box



Refinery Electrical Box







The Challenge:

This is one of two electrical boxes within a refinery that had areas of corrosion along the roof and sides. A black roof coating applied to the roof of the boxes only a year earlier had cracked and peeled back to expose the metal that was in turn rusting. As the electrical boxes were located outside the refinery buildings they needed a durable and weather resistant coating system that would hold up to salt air and the elements. Replacing the boxes would have created downtime for the refinery and been cost prohibitive.


Benefits Desired:

  •     Halt Corrosion
  •     Class A Fire Rating
  •     Little to No Surface Preparation
  •     Waterproof, Durable, Breathable
  •     Non-Toxic, Low VOC’s
  •     Custom Tinting
  •     Little to No Downtime
  •     Cost Effective Long Term Solution



Repairs were made to the damaged areas. GLOBAL Encasement’s R.I.P.™ Rust Inhibiting Primer was used to stop the rusting process. GEI Seam Tape was used to strengthen the system along the roof edges and sides of the box. 7 mils of PrepLESS Primer was applied to secure peeling flaking paint before 14 mils of Your Last Coat was used to encase the structures. The roofs of the boxes had 40+ mils applied total strengthening the system where it was needed. Encasement was accomplished with no downtime to the refinery. The system is warranted to last in excess of 20 years and then can be renewed with another coat of Your Last Coat.