CH#188 - Washington Heights KAB

Non-Toxic Waterproof Coating


Non-Toxic Waterproof Coating

Washington Heights KAB
Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, Japan



                                                 Before                                                                                                                     After

The challenge: To provide durable custom colored waterproof, non-toxic coatings for existing buildings and new construction. The chosen coatings had to be an approved Lead Based Paint Encapsulant that could inhibit mold & mildew while enduring the high temperatures and humidity in the subtropical environment of Okinawa Japan.


Benefits desired:

  • Approved Lead Based Paint Encapsulant    
  • Biocide Mold &   Mildew Prevention                         
  • Self-Priming                                                          
  • Little to no Surface Preparation
  • Class A Fire Rating                                               
  • Long lasting, Twenty Year, Renewable and Sustainable
  • Non-Toxic, Low VOC & No ODS                      
  • Cost Effective
  • No Offensive Odors                                             
  • Interior, Exterior                            
  • Extremely Tough, Durable & Flexible                
  • Fade resistant


Results: All desired results were met. Along with it’s inherent waterproofing abilities, Your Last Coat TopCoat was tinted to three federal color standards. Your Last Coat was then used to give an industrial standards finish coat that will stand up to extreme weather, high temperatures and humidity without fading, flaking or peeling. Your Last Coat also will impede future mold growth while preventing the release of existing Lead-Based Paint.