CH#174 - Renewable Green Coating - Kadena Air Base

Renewable Green Coating


Renewable Green Coating

Kadena Air Base
Okinawa, Japan



Kadena Air Base is a U.S. Air Force facility and the hub of airpower in the Pacific, home to the Air Force’s largest combat wing. It is locatedon the island of Okinawa, about 900 miles from Tokyo, Manila, Seoul and Hong Kong, and about 1,200 mileswest of Guam. The island is 67 miles long and varies from 2-17 miles wide



The Challenge:

Okinawa has more than 8,120 U.S. military family housing units in 19 areas. Most units are multiplexes (four to six families per unit), with several duplexes and some single-family homes. The climate compares to U.S. southeastern coastal areas. Temperatures range from the mid-90s to high-40s and humidity is relatively high throughout the year. With the heat and high humidity, mold and mildew is a problem. Theses units over the years had been coated with Lead Based Paint. To Date MOLDon’t has benefited over 4,500 residential units interior and exterior.    


Benefits Desired:

  • Prevent the Release of existing Lead Based Paint  
  • Inhibit Mold and Mildew Growth while Creating a Moisture Barrier Protecting all Substrates
  • Create a Tough, Long-lasting, Washable Surface
  • Little to No Surface Preparation, Self Priming  
  • Waterproof, Durable, Breathable, Easily Cleaned  
  • Interior & Exterior, Easy to Apply, Cost Effective
  • Non-Toxic, Twenty Year, Renewable/Sustainable System
  • No Generation, Transportation, or Disposal of Waste



MOLDon’t™ TopCoat, is a non-toxic Approved Lead Encapsulant with biocide containing low VOC’s and no ODS’s. It was applied to prevent the release of Lead Based Paint and inhibit future mold and mildew growth while providing a waterproof barrier. This long lasting and esthetically pleasing, cleanable finish was custom tinted to match the Kadena AB preferred colors.


This effective, easy to apply, lead Encapsulant, mold and mildew prevention system, has been tested by third party independent, accredited laboratories, according to test methods for mold and mildew ASTM G21,  ASTM D3274/3275 and has passed ASTM E1795 Lead Encapsulant Protocol.