CH#287 - Residential Properties



Residential Properties
San Diego, California USA




Before                                                                            After



The Challenge:

There was badly peeling and flaking lead-based paint on the exterior walls and trim of this residence. The building owner was seeking a simple solution to abate and safely manage the lead-based paint in place while creating a tough sustainable, weather resistant barrier.



  • GREEN and Environmentally Advanced Solution

  • Highly Impact and Abuse Resistant

  • Minimal Hazardous Waste Generation

  • Minimum Surface Preparation

  • Lock down & Seal In Lead-Based Paint 

  • Custom Color 

  • Cost Effective, Sustainable & Renewable

  • Weather Resistant Coating



GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. Green coating offered a simple, time and cost saving solution with the LeadLock Encasement System. The durable, highly impact and abuse resistant LeadLock was chosen to manage the lead-based paint in-place and weatherproof the building in a single step.  


Contractor: Home Restoration