CH#051 - Southern California Edison, Edison Mechanics Garage



Southern California Edison, Edison Mechanics Garage
Monterey Park, CA




Before                                                                                               After



The Challenge:

To abate, by management in-place, the heavily peeling and flaking Lead-Based Paint while minimizing surface disturbance. In addition, a coating material was needed which could withstand the heat radiated by the roof above.


Benefits Desired:

  • Little or no generation of hazardous waste
  • Class A Fire Rating
  • Highly impact and abuse resistant
  • Address the rust and corrosion



GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. was able to offer a simple, safe solution with the LeadLock Encasement System. Southern California Edison was very pleased when they were able to waterproof the building and abate the Lead-Based Paint in a single step. Being able to address the rusting metal without sandblasting allowed them to keep containment requirements to a minimum.