CH#037 - Indian Head Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center Demonstrations



Indian Head Division
Naval Surface Warfare Center Demonstrations




June 1996 - Lead Risk Reduction Demonstrations



Sponsored by Indian Head Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center In conjunction with Depts. of the Navy, Air Force, Army, HUD, USEPA and State Historic Preservation Office


The photos on this page show two substrates where GLOBAL’s products were applied in participation with Indian Head Division’s Lead Risk Reduction Demonstrations.

Periodic visits to the site prove that GLOBAL’s products maintain their beauty and performance and can withstand the ravages of time.

GLOBAL’s LeadLock products are fully approved and accepted for use in all 50 states and have met and exceeded all testing requirements, including the stringent ASTM E-1795 which covers exterior weatherization performance.

A total of five surfaces were used in the demonstrations:Wood, Brick, Cement Block, Corrugated Metal and Steel.



Out of all the technologiesand products demonstrated, GLOBAL’s LeadLockwas the only product that did not generate hazardous waste.