CH#215 - Santa Clarita Rail Bridge



Santa Clarita Rail Bridge
Santa Clarita, CA





                                                                           Before                                                                                          After


The Challenge:

The City of Santa Clarita was developing a commuter trail for bicyclists, pedestrians and horsemen. Part of the plan was to convert an old rail bridge that crosses the Santa Clara River bed into a foot bridge. The river bed is an environmentally sensitive area, home to many species of wildlife. The existing paint on the bridge was badly peeling and cracking and much of the steel was exposed and rusting and the chosen coatings system had to be applied carefully to minimize any generation of debris from the existing surfaces.



Close-Up of Rust and Existing Paint
Rail Bridge During Application                   of R.I.P. Rust-Inhibiting Primer

Benefits Desired:

  • Encapsulate Rusting Steel

  • Encapsulate peeling, cracking lead based paint

  • Minimize Generation of Debris

  • Cost Effective

  • Long-Lasting Solution

  • Twenty Year Warranty






Removal and replacement of the existing paint was cost prohibitive and GLOBAL Encasement’s LeadLock System was chosen to encapsulate the rust and existing paint layers as well as provide a finished system that was custom tinted to customer specification. Two coats of RIP™ Rust Inhibiting Primer were applied to spot prime all rusty surfaces. Next, PrepLESS Primer was applied to penetrate, soften and reattach all loose and flaking paint. Two coats of LeadLock TopCoat provided a durable and long lasting finish coat, completing the twenty year warranted system. As you can see in the after shot above the bridge is now pleasing to the eye and echoes the appearance of the bridge as it was originally constructed. All benefits desired were met or exceeded with the use of GEI’s LeadLock System.


Contractor: Techno Coatings