CH#139 - Pennsylvania Convention Center



Pennsylvania Convention Center
Philadelphia, PA






The Challenge:

The Pennsylvania Convention Center was Going through a Major Renovation. All Six Floors of this Historic Building were Being Reconditioned. It was Found that in the Head House on the First Floor their were Support Columns of Architectural Importance that had Previously Been Painted with Lead-Based Paint (LBP). The LBP was Peeling and Flaking and the Aging Metal Components on the Columns were Covered with Rust and Corrosion. The Plaster on the Trim and Capitols of the Support Columns was also Aging and Any Attempt at Removing the LBP would Result in Damage to the Historic Plaster Work.


Benefits Desired:

  •     Cost effective/ money saving
  •     Minimum to no surface preparation
  •     Halts rust and corrosion
  •     Long lasting solution
  •     Class A Fire Rated



A GLOBAL Encasement System was Designed to Address the Needs of this Beautiful Historic Building. R.I.P.™ Rust Inhibiting Primer was used to Seal in the Metal Portions of the Columns Preventing Further Corrosion. PrepLESS Primer was Applied Over the Aging Plaster and LBP and With its Tenacious Adhesion it both Locked Down the Flaking LBP and Helped to Preserve the Plaster. All Primed Surfaces were then coated with LeadLock TopCoat. This Will Prevent Lead Salts from Leaching through to the Surface and Bridge Cracks to Provide a Smooth Finished Surface. All Desired Benefits were Met or Exceeded with the Use of GLOBAL Encasement’s LeadLock System.