CH#303 - Historical Building Lead Encapsulation

Historical Building Lead Encapsulation
Paterson, Passaic County
New Jersey USA


The Challenge: 

The historic Passaic County Courthouse Annex had a classic case of sick building syndrome. It was undergoing renovation as part of Passaic County's program of restoring and revitalizing its parks and landmark buildings. Lead-Based Paint on the interior wood, brick, metal surfaces, ceilings and trusses were flaking, peeling and chalking. A long-term solution was needed to encapsulate all lead-based paint and help reverse the bad air quality that caused occupants to complain.


Benefits Desired:

  • Green and Super Compliant Zero VOC Coatings
  • Non-Toxic and Cost-Effective
  • Little to No Surface Preparation
  • Lock Down Lead-Based Paint
  • Certified Lead Encapsulant
  • 20 Year Warranty
  • Long-term Lead Encapsulation Solution



A GEI (GLOBAL Encasement, Inc.) System design included PrepLESS Primer and LeadLock TopCoat and was chosen to secure the ceiling surfaces. PrepLESS Primer with its tremendous 10,000 lbs per sq. ft. of adhesive qualities sealed in flaking, peeling and chalking Lead-Based Paint followed by LeadLock TopCoat. The coating systems' unique ability to minimize surface preparation and reduce the generation of hazardous waste and its 20-year system provided the cost-effective, long-term solution needed to get the job done. This created an aesthetically pleasing, durable, seamless, monolithic membrane to protect all surfaces against moisture and deterioration. Also providing cleaner air for the occupants.


Historical Building Lead Encapsulation