CH#301 - Lead-Based Paint On Storage Room Walls

Lead-Based Paint On Storage Room Walls
New York, USA


The Challenge: 

This basement storage room was in bad shape and covered with delaminating lead-based paint. The owner was looking for the best, cost effective, safe, long-lasting solution without removing and generating toxic waste. A fully tested and the proven product was sought to in-place manage the lead-based paint, as the costs of removal, disposal and replacement were prohibitive.


Benefits Desired:

  • Green and Super Compliant Zero VOC Coatings
  • Safely Seal in the Lead-Based Paint 
  • Durable, Withstand Extreme Temperatures
  • Cost-Effective
  • Minimum Surface Preparation 
  • Waterproof Interior Walls
  • Minimum Surface Preparation



A GLOBAL Encasement System met or exceeded all desired benefits. PrepLESS Primer™ with its tremendous adhesive qualities easily manage in-place the existing lead-based paint followed by LeadLock TopCoat. The durable, high-impact resistant materials revitalize the old surfaces providing long-lasting protection from both Lead-Based Paint and the ravages of time.


Testimonial: Great product. Application and clean up are straightforward and the results are excellent. 
Markham Anderson


Lead-Based Paint On Walls