CH#251 - National Museum of American History Smithsonian Institution

Repainting Lead-Based Painted Walls


Repainting Lead-Based Painted Walls

National Museum of American History
Smithsonian Institution

Washington, DC USA



The concrete interior block walls of the loading dock area at the American History Museum are subject to a lot of impact and abuse.  The Lead-Based Painted walls needed repainting and maintenance personnel needed to get it done safely and without any operations downtime.


Benefits Desired:

  • Green and Super Compliant Zero VOC Coatings
  • Cost Effective, Quick Solution
  • Certified Lead Encapsulant
  • No Downtime for Loading Dock Operations
  • No Generation of Waste
  • Long-Term Sustainable Solution
  • 20 Year Renewable System



GLOBAL Encasement, Inc.'s LeadLock system was chosen as a logical and simple solution. PrepLESS Primer was used to seal the existing paint film, eliminating the generation of hazardous waste, and certified lead encapsulant LeadLock TopCoat, highly impact and abuse resistant, was applied completing the 20-year system.